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Choose from the list of our on-line physics laboratories or web tools:

Web Tools

  • CUPOL (Clemson University Physics On-line Laboratories. Perform physics experiments on line.)
  • An on-line stopwatch. (This one uses the user's processor as a timing device. Accurate to 0.01 seconds.)
  • Suggestion Box. (Visit here to leave a suggestion with the Lab Curator.)

Physics Laboratories


2090 -- General Physics Mechanics

  1. Measurements
  2. Graphing (Exp. 1 continued)
  3. Velocity and Acceleration
  4. Equilibrium of Vector Forces
  5. Force,Mass, and Acceleration
  6. Uniform Circular Motion
  7. Conservation of Mechanical Energy
  8. Conservation on Momentum
  9. Torque and Equilibrium
  10. Heat and Temperature
  11. Ideal Gas Laws
  12. Simple Harmonic Motion
  13. Sound Waves and Resonace


2100 -- General Physics Electricity and Magnetism

  Motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field -- A CUPOL experiment

1.       Electrostatics

2.       Electrical Resistance and Ohm's Law

3.       Refraction and Snell's Law


1240 -- Calculus-based Mechanics


Laboratory Experiments

  1. Hooke's Law and Simple Harmonic Motion

Supplementary Experiments


2230 -- Calculus-based Thermodynamics and E & M


Laboratory Experiments

  1. Linear Thermal Expansion
  2. Specific and Latent Heat
  3. Ideal Gas Laws
  4. Ohm's Law & Kirchhoff's Rules
  5. The RC Circuit
  6. Magnetic Force due to a Current-carrying Wire

Supplementary Experiments


2240 -- Calculus-based Waves, Optics and Modern Physics


Laboratory Experiments

  1. Standing waves on a string
  2. Acoustic resonance
  3. Interference and Diffraction of Visible Light
  4. Microwave Optics
  5. Interference and Diffraction of Microwaves
  6. Rutherford Scattering

Supplementary Experiments


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