AMS: WAM at IAS Receives Award

Photo of WAM Program Committee members by Andrea Kane, courtesy of IAS.

American Mathematical Society: “The Women and Mathematics Program (WAM) at IAS Receives the 2019 Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference Award

“WAM was founded in 1994 at the Institute for Advanced Study by Karen Uhlenbeck and Chuu-Lian Terng. The program seeks both to inspire talented women at the undergraduate level to pursue and complete their educational goals at the highest academic levels, and to address the challenges encountered by female graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. It encourages female mathematicians to form collaborative relationships and to be part of a large network that provides support and reduces the sense of isolation experienced by many women in mathematics. Read the announcement from the AMS Secretary.

WAM is a sponsor of DINAMICS’ wikipedia edit-a-thons (see posts here and here).

Clemson 2019 Outstanding Women

“During an April 3 luncheon, President Jim Clements and members of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women honored three faculty and staff for their exemplary service to Clemson University. The awards were created to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to improving the status of women.” Read about the award and the event here.

NPR: Swarthmore Fraternities disband over Misogyny

From NPR: “Swarthmore Fraternities Disband Over Leaked Documents That Detailed Misogyny….publication of documents… [that] included minutes, detailing graphic sexual encounters with female students, lists of fraternity hazing challenges, and intimate videos and photographs of women that appear to have been taken without their consent. (In most instances, the papers report, the women have their backs to the camera.) One entry refers to an alleged “rape tunnel” and a “rape attic” in one of the fraternity headquarters.”

Update: “a recent tumblr account allows survivors to anonymously share their stories.” Content warning: this link contains vivid accounts of sexual assault.