Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey (Free Book)

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From the AMS: The AMS, jointly with the MAA, is pleased to offer their book, “Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey,” as a free PDF download. Edited by Allison K. Henrich, Emille D. Lawrence, Matthew A. Pons, and David. G. Taylor, “Living Proof” tells the stories of barriers underrepresented groups face in the mathematics pipeline, and how perseverance and persistence garnered success. To students: Stories in this book will inspire you to continue to persist on the road to becoming a successful mathematician. To teachers: This book will help you relieve some pressures on your students when they experience struggle on their way to becoming mathematicians.

MSRI: Summer Research for Women in Mathematics (SWiM) 2020

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From the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI):

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute invites applications for its 2020 Summer Research for Women in Mathematics (SWiM) program.

The purpose of this program is to provide space and funds to groups of women mathematicians to work on a research project at MSRI. Research projects can arise from work initiated at a Women’s Conference, or can be freestanding activities. The ultimate goal of this program is to support mathematical research by assisting women’s efforts to maintain involvement in a research community and to have a positive impact on these researcher’s careers.

Share this program with your department or colleagues: Download a PDF flyer


  • Groups of two to six women with partial results on an established project may submit an application to the program.
  • Each member of the group must have a Ph.D. in mathematics or advanced graduate standing, and at least one team member must be U.S.-based. Women may only apply as a member of one research group.
  • Applications require a Project Description and bio-sketch for each group member.
  • The visits must take place between June 15, 2020 and August 7, 2020. Each group may apply to be in residence for a minimum of two weeks, though longer visits are preferred. All members of the group must be in residence for the duration of the visit.


  • Lodging on UC Berkeley campus, meals and reimbursement of travel expenses will be provided.
  • For group members with children, MSRI will provide funding that makes it possible for the member to fully take part in the program. This may be in the form of lodging and reimbursement of travel expenses for children who accompany the member to Berkeley, plus lodging and travel expenses for a caregiver. It may also take the form of reimbursement of additional expenses incurred if the children stay home, thus allowing the member to attend the program.
  • Mathematicians who are spouses or partners of invited group members will be offered shared office space

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Women in Mathematics Playing Card Project

From the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM):

As AWM approaches our 50th anniversary, we have an amazing opportunity to partner with MAA and produce a deck of playing cards of “Notable Women in Mathematics” (much like a recent project that came out of Notable Women in Computing). This is an amazing opportunity to make household names out of women who have helped shape mathematics!

We want to invite you to be part of this project. There are several project subcommittees to work on data collection and review, as well as overall driving of the project. We invite you to volunteer to be part of this by signing up through this Google Form.

We will continue to update the community on the project progress, as well as provide opportunities for input. Questions?