New AMS Director of Education (including diversity in education)

Abbe Herzig

“Abbe Herzig has been named the inaugural Director of Education in the Division of Government Relations of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)…. Herzig will oversee the AMS education portfolio, with a focus on undergraduate and graduate education in the mathematical sciences. This work includes the preparation of students to enter graduate programs, the mentoring of students for success in graduate school, the preparation for careers both inside and outside of academia, and the promotion of diversity and inclusiveness in all mathematics education.” Read more about Dr. Herzig’s appointment at the AMS press release.

Clemson: Telling our story

Clemson University visiting lecturer David Markus holds an ornamental brass disc discovered by anthropology students as they carefully moved dirt at an archeological site on Fort Hill as part of field studies class, May 30, 2019. The dig was part of a yearly exploration near the Fort Hill mansion to unearth outbuildings that were occupied by slaves during the antebellum era. (Photo by Ken Scar)

“Clemson archaeology students return to the earth to reveal the stories of those enslaved on University property: CLEMSON – Archaeology students and faculty have returned to Fort Hill this summer to carefully brush away layers of dirt in hopes of revealing some of the long-buried stories of Clemson’s complicated past….” Read more here.