Open Discussion of Community Needs

From the AWM: As we start to get our feet under us with the new pandemic framework, we hope you can take a moment to weigh in on the responses you would like to see your institutions take to support faculty, staff and students. How can AWM help facilitate nationwide discussions and recommendations to mitigate damage to careers, mental health, workload? Please weigh in by commenting here, or by emailing Share widely!

Coronavirus, access, and childcare

Image of young person pulling a stone uphill with a chain

Like many of you, we here at DINAMICS have been overwhelmed by the transition to online instruction as a result of Clemson’s closure due to coronavirus concerns. (Mad respect to Clemson for doing the right thing and closing the campus.) However, we recognize that we have a certain amount of privilege in this situation. We have stable internet and reasonable tech to do our jobs from home. We are not being laid off or furloughed, so we continue to have paychecks and insurance. And we do not have added childcare/homeschooling responsibilities added on top of the already overwhelming task of moving classes to online format.

Please post in the comments about your own experiences in this situation. Are you struggling? Why or why not? How about your colleagues, your students, and your professors? What are we doing well, and what can we be doing better, as a university and as a profession, to help vulnerable folks thrive in this unprecedented situation.

Grading as an issue of justice

From the AMS inclusion/exclusion blog: One theme looms particularly large in [the discussions of HigherEd responses to COVID-19]: grading. In part to advocate and in part to share ideas as many faculty are in the throes of designing new remote-learning courses that without the time or training to do that well, I wanted to try to summarize the themes of these discussions for a wide audience.

Coronavirus and Title IX

From Inside Higher Ed: The coronavirus pandemic is presenting barriers to conducting “prompt and equitable” investigations of sexual misconduct on college campuses, as required by law. College administrators weigh whether to continue investigations or put things on hold.

See also this article from the Chronicle. (Subscription or campus proxy/vpn login may be required.)

Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

POSTPONED due to coronavirus closure. Look for an update soon.

Monday, April 6, 2020
309 Cooper Library

We are hosting yet another Wikipedia edit-a-thon! Come learn how to edit and create Wikipedia pages with an eye toward increasing diversity and inclusivity in biographies and other pages.