A View of Mathematics from Behind the Veil

From the AMS Notices: “If we think of mathematics as a neutral science that is free of bias, it might be hard to comprehend how there is any other explanation for some groups’ lack of success in mathematics other than the fact that they are less capable. But when we investigate how privilege plays out over the course of history, over one’s lifetime, and over the course of
one’s day, we can see how one can be placed in a position to either access or be denied access to an equal chance at participation in society.”

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AMS Commits to Inclusion and Diversity in Scholarly Publishing

From the AMS Headlines & Deadlines: “The AMS has signed on to a joint commitment, led by the Royal Society of Chemistry, to ensure a more inclusive and diverse culture within scholarly publishing. The effort includes 19 leading publishing organizations representing over 7,000 research journals.” Read about the agreement at the link.

Thought-Provoking AMS Blog Posts

In the AMS e-mentoring network blog, Pamela E. Harris investigates the question of whether she owes people for her successes and their failures.

In the AMS Graduate Student Blog, Aram Bingham discusses the role of White people in ending systemic anti-black racism.

In the AMS inclusion/exclusion blog, Tian An Wong writes about universities’ successes and failures at living up to a commitment to racial justice.

In the Living Proof Blog, Jennifer Quinn chronicles Uncertainty, Exhaustion, and Disbelief during the pandemic.

Clemson Dreamers

Isabel Newton (center) with her husband (second from right) and children (from left) Anaisa, Jonathan and Josue. (Photo courtesy of Anaisa Figueroa)

From the Clemson Newsstand: Immigrant mother, Isabel Newton, knew she wanted a better life as soon as she became pregnant with her daughter. She knew an education could be key to her children’s success, so she decided to go to a place where they would have a better chance of attaining one: The United States of America. Now, she has seen all three of her children graduate from Clemson. Read more about this inspiring family at the link.