Coming Out Week: SHINE Submissions

From The National Coming Out Week Committee:

In honor of National Coming Out Week, we invite students to participate in our National Coming Out Week showcase SHINE, a performance night dedicated to LGBTQ+ identities.  We encourage students to express themselves in celebration through various art forms including, but not limited to song, spoken word, poetry, and storytelling!

If you are interested in being a part of the structured line-up, please send in a submission! Please see below for guidelines and submission link.   Submissions are due by October 1st.  After the structured line-up, there will be an open mic for audience members to participate as well.


• Performances should last no more than FIVE minutes.
• No usage of alcohol, glass containers, explosives, open flames, or glitter.

Performers are invited to send in their submission by visiting

For more information regarding the event or if you have any questions regarding performances, please reach out to Ciera Durden at

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