For People Of Color, Succeeding In Academia Is A Political Statement

Here’s another post from the e-Mentoring Network, this time from Melissa Gutierrez Gonzalez.

“[B]efore I left for college, my mom told me: Vas a la escuela para demostrar que los mexicanos no solo están aquí para limpiar casas o servir como mano de obra, y también para demostrar que las mujeres no solo sirven para casarse y tener hijos. [Translation: You go to school to show that Mexicans are not only here to clean houses or serve as labor, and also to show that women not only serve to marry and have children]. I not only went to college to become educated but also carried the weight to act as a catalyst in reshaping racist and sexist stereotypes that permeate both American and Mexican culture.” Read more here.

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