Nominate Undergraduate Students of Color

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From the Math Alliance: “We are very excited to share our fall calendar to let you know about our upcoming events!! In spite of the ongoing pandemic, we are continuing our work and this is an opportunity to build our community, strengthen our connections, and ensure all of our students have all the opportunities they deserve. We are especially excited about and for this year’s F-GAP cohort, as we build new bridges to doctoral programs and quantitatively driven careers. Working closely with our partners at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) and the Simon Levin Center at Arizona State University, we will hold a series of events which will exploit the technology, and the possibilities, of the virtual format to provide our Math Alliance community with the information and fellowship that they have come to expect from our annual Field of Dreams Conference.  Please save the dates for these events; details will follow shortly.

“In addition, our friends at Bristol-Myers Squibb will be hosting a panel discussion on “Day in the Life of an Industry Statistician” on October 23, and we hope many in our community will participate.  We will have more details about this posted to our website.

“While our first choice would, of course, be to hold our annual community event in person, we are excited by the potential these virtual events hold to help us provide support and connections to our growing and strong Math Alliance Community, and, especially, to support our Math Alliance Scholars in staying on track to pursue their dreams. We very much hope to see you “there”!  Help us make these events a great success!!!”

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