Reaffirming CUPD’s Commitment

In a message posted on the CU Safety Office’s website, Gregory G. Mullen, Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police expresses his “anger, disgust and sadness” over the fact that “police officers continue to engage in behaviors that violate human decency, devalue human life, and contradict the ethos of our profession.” He writes, “George Floyd’s death was both avoidable and criminal in nature.”

These are great steps, and we are grateful that Chief Mullen made a public statement. Of course, it could be better. Why write that George Floyd’s “death” is criminal, when it is the murder of Mr. Floyd that was criminal? It is not what George Floyd did (he died) that is criminal, but what the police did to him (they murdered him) that is illegal. Nowhere in this statement does the word “kill” or “murder” appear. And, of course, nowhere does the chief say that Black Lives Matter. Screenshots of the full statement are copied below.

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