General Physics Lab: Sound Waves and Resonance

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Equipment and setup

  • Equipments used in this experiment are (see Figure 1): Two microphones, metal rods, resonance tube, thermometer, function generator.
  • In part I, place the two microphones at either end of the lab table, about 1.5 meters apart, with both facing the same direction (Figre 2).
  • The program in part I is located at 'Lab programs -> 207 Labs -> Speed of Sound(see Figure 3).
  • The program in part I is located at 'Lab programs -> 207 Labs -> Frequency and wavelength (see Figure 4).
  • In part II and III, place microphone B at the end of the tube by the loudspeaker (see Figure 5).
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1 2
3 4

TA Notes
  • Perform the experiment ahead of time!
  • Remind the students which is microphone A and which is microphone B.
  • Adjust the amplitude to have proper sine wave on screen.
  • In part III, you may want to remind the students that the distance between adjacent maxima is one-half wavelength.

Data, Results and Graphs

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Lab Manual

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