General Physics Lab: Refraction and Snell's Law

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Equipment and setup

  • Equipments used in this experiment are: Laser, 12-V transformer, rotating table, semicircular dish and block, aluminum plate (Figure 1).
  • The dish must be accurately aligned along the 90-270 line with its center at the center of the table (see Figure 2), so does the block (see Figure 3).
  • Adjust the position of the dish/block so there is no bending of the light as it leaves the water/block and reenters the air.
  • The light can be observed by holding a small piece of paper in the beam and looking at it from above (see Figure 4).
  • It is better to perform the experiment in dark room so as to see the laser and its direction clearly (Figure 5).
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TA Notes
  • Perform the experiment ahead of time!
  • The laser uses 12 Vdc. Do not plug it into 120 Vac.
  • The laser can cause damage to your eye. Do not look directly at the beam or point it toward another person!
  • When using the block, use aluminum plate if necessary to adjust its height so the laser beam can pass through the block.
  • You may want to tell the students not to spill the water and let laser beam box stay away from water.

Data, Results and Graphs

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Lab Manual

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