General Physics Lab: Electrical Resistance & Ohm's Law

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Equipment and setup

  • Equipments used in this experiment are (see Figure 1): Resistor board, power supply, digital multimeter, ammeter, several test leads.
  • When using the digital multimeter to measure the resistance or voltage , connect the V/Ohm and Com to the connectors on the resistors (see Figure 3).
  • Set the multimeter (or voltmeter) on the 20 DCV range to measure the voltage (see Figure 3).
  • Figure 4 shows an example of the connected circuit.
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3 4

TA Notes
  • Perform the experiment ahead of time!
  • Make sure the students have let you check the circuit before they turn on the power supply.
  • Remind the students that in part II, don't let the voltage exceed 15 volts and in part III, don't let the current exceed 30mA.
  • Before turning on the power supply, set its output to zero and increase it gradually after applying power.

Data, Results and Graphs

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Lab Manual

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