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Vernier caliper

Determine p

E & M
Electron e/m ratio

Acoustic resonance

Introducing the Clemson University Physics On-line Laboratories, or CUPOL, the on-line instructional physics laboratories. CUPOL (pronounced couple) is not designed to eliminate the traditional, hands-on laboratory experience, but rather, when coupled with a lecture class, will provide real-time laboratory experiences during class. Also, for students not enrolled in a lab course, CUPOL will augment the lessons learned in a lecture environment.

These labs include tutorials, learning guides and actual laboratory experiments that may be performed in your dorm room, in the library, at home, or wherever the internet is available. A large component of these labs are video clips, so a high-speed connection is desirable. Therefore if running them from a 56kbps modem proves frustrating, contact and, for a small fee, we can send you a CD with all the CUPOL labs.

These labs incorporate text, images, video* and input boxes to give the student as a realistic laboratory experience as possible. The authors of CUPOL feel that when lecture learning is coupled with laboratory learning a more complete understanding of physics is achieved. As mentioned above, CUPOL is not meant to take the place of traditional labs. However we think that CUPOL is a valuable tool that can be used in lecture classes and laboratories in both college and high school settings. Teachers and students who have access to the internet, but lack funding to stock a laboratory with expensive equipment may find these on-line labs particularly valuable.

CUPOL Icons Explained
The video icons indicate a link will play an MPEG 1 movie. With a high-speed connection, you may simply wish to open the movie and watch it in real time. With slower connection speeds, you may elect to download the video clip to your hard drive. To do so, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As...". The movie duration in minutes and file size is given in square brackets.

This icon indicates that the video clip incorporates sound as well as visual images.

The image icon indicates that there is a still image that may be viewed. Usually, these images are taken from the directly from the video and therefore may not make sense when viewed by themselves. These images are included, however, for those with slow internet connections.

* We used ULead's versitile Video Studio to create the movies.

If you have a question or comment, send an e-mail to Lab Coordinator: Jerry Hester



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