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Welcome to the Clemson University Physics Department T.A. web page. We currently have 42 active T.A.'s at Clemson devoted to the education of undergraduate students. As teaching assistants, we strive for excellence in our abilities to teach. Our laboratory environment allows the teaching assistant and the student to benefit from each other through a shared learning experience. From this, we hope that our passion for physics will inspire students to ask questions, think critically, and involve themselves as a member of a team in achieving a common educational goal. We are currently working to improve every aspect of our physics labs by purchasing new equipment, creating new and exciting labs, and producing a more consistent laboratory experience. Our goal is to create an environment conducive to all individuals with the expectations of advancing the level of education in the fields of Math and Physics while creating continuous progress forward in our individual pursuits.

"Even though the course work takes up a large portion of my time, by the end of a course, I have gained a good understanding of the material. Also, teaching labs as a foreign student has accelerated my ability to communicate with my peers, professors, and students."
- Qi Lu
  1st Year Graduate Student
  Shanghai, China
"This is the 4th college I've been to in my life and I can honestly say that the competence and helpfulness of Clemson staff in the Physics department and in the university as a whole has left me free to concentrate on my studies and my research."
- Rob Wilson
  Atmospheric Physics
  Recent PhD Student
  Dover, Delaware
We have some very exciting research opportunities here at Clemson. There is a wide range of projects in several areas from which to choose your research topic.
- Jessica Crist
2nd Year Graduate Student
,West Virginia
"As a foreign student, the staff and faculty are helpful and supportive beyond day-to-day academic routines. It is this support structure that created an environment in which I could maintain focus on my academic objectives."
- Ashish Ojha
  Recent PhD
  Mumbai, India
"Teaching undergraduate labs for the last year has really helped me to improve my communication skills. It has also allowed me to give back some of the knowledge that I have gained to the next group of students coming through school."
- Traig Savage
  1st Year Graduate Student
  Saginaw, Michigan
"All of the professors that I have had for courses at Clemson have been very helpful. There never seems to be a bad time for questions. When I go into a professor's office with a question, they make sure that I leave with the answer."
- Inger Marie Bjolseth
  Atmospheric Physics
  2nd Year Graduate Student
  Elverum, Norway
"Clemson is a great place to go to school, especially if you like outdoor activities, warm weather, and being close to the mountains. My three biggest hobbies are mountain biking, hiking, and off-roading. Clemson and the surrounding area allows me to pursue each of these to their full extent."
- Jason Brown
  Condensed Matter
  Post Doc
  Sycamore, Illinois
"The best thing about research in graduate school is that you're working on a problem that, in most cases, no one else has done before. It's not some problem that was merely pulled from a text, but a question about science that you answer."
- Dale Theiling
  3rd Year Graduate Student
  Charleston, South Carolina
"Clemson's Department of Physics and Astronomy provides a research environment for a number of areas in physics, allowing graduate students the opportunity to pursue careers working in industry, academia, administration, or government and variations thereof."
- Jeannette Myers
2nd Year PhD Student
Richfield, Minnesota

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