General Physics Lab: Graphing -- A density study

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Equipment and setup

  • There is no setup for this lab. We will use volume measurements of various aluminum objects (Figure 1) collected during the previous lab period.
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TA Notes
  • Perform the experiment ahead of time!
  • You may wish to quiz them on the basic Excel functions (addition, multiplication, finding an average, etc.) at the beginning of the lab period.
  • If assigned from the previous week, take-up the pre-lab exercise. (We have found that there is not enough time do the entire lab, i.e., both the pre-lab exercise and the density graphing, in one lab period.)
  • Return the graded lab report from the first experiment before the second experiment begins! This is because students must have their data from experiment #1 returned to them before experiment #2 can be done.
  • Discuss why scientists plot data. What are the reasons for taking so much data and then displaying it in a graph?
  • Make sure your students understand exactly what you are looking for with each graph. (Titles, labels, units, curve fitting, equations displayed, etc.) Best to do it now, rather than later.
  • Students may wish to review the on-line Excel tutorial (specifically, sections 1,2,3,7 & 10).
  • TAs may wish to have each lab table turn in a single graph along with each students' data table and questions, rather than having each student print his or her own copy of the graph. Of course, the downside to this is that each student will not have their own copy of the graph and may not see the TA's notes concerning the graph.

Data, Results and Graphs

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Answers to Questions

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Lab Manual

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